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Intelligent Glass takes Switchable innovation to the edge with Edge to Edge privacy

The things that separate Intelligent Glass from other Switchable Smart Glass manufacturers become more distinguished over time. As the industry matures and customers begin to realise that ‘not all smart glass is made equal’, we can start to understand why Intelligent Glass is the UK’s leading Switchable Smart Glass company. Those who have been involved [...]

The NHS Switch on to Intelligent Glass

As the UK’s leading manufacturer of Switchable Smart Glass solutions, Intelligent Glass are trusted by some of the world’s most important brands and services, adding a responsibility to our commitment to quality, customer care and product development. The applications of this incredible technology in healthcare fit-out applications in particular aren’t just impressive, they’re important, offering [...]

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Smart Glass

Day by day, the demand for Smart Glass is increasing rapidly across the full spectrum of the market with more and more people discovering this unique yet practical technology for the first time. Despite us being in the business for 15 years, developing our own range of patented Switchable Smart Glass, we understand that the [...]