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Switchable Smart Glass Skylights

Traditional Skylights do not offer simple privacy

Traditional skylights are usually glass windows in a top floor ceiling, allowing the light from the sky to spill into the room, whilst keeping its occupants protected from the elements.

A skylight allows you to see directly up into the sky from inside a room, bringing the vast visual benefits of natural light into your space. However, one of the biggest issues with traditional skylights is the convenience of privacy. The very nature of a skylight dictates that it would usually be placed on the ceiling, and most ceilings are physically out of reach for many. This is problematic as privacy becomes a serious consideration, particularly in cities and built-up residential areas. Furthermore, if the roof of the building also serves as a separate floor, privacy is a pressing concern as usual skylights would expose a view from underneath.

The easiest solution to solving window privacy concerns would traditionally be blinds or curtains – however, the horizontal orientation of a skylight makes most curtains useless and blinds a major difficulty. The height of a skylight alone could make this not only difficult to install, but also incredibly frustrating to operate from below and possibly even look messy.

Switchable Smart Projection Film

Switchable Smart Projection Film for rear projection applications

Switchable Smart Projection Film turns instantly from a clear transparent film into a HD/4K projection surface at the flick of a switch

This specialist optical projection film can be simply applied to any glass or plexiglas. A simple ON – OFF mode switches the film from being clear (transparent) to frosted (opaque) and in its frosted state the film becomes a high definition rear projection screen.

The film is available in standard screen sizes ranging from 30″ to 92″ diagonal or it can be custom cut to fit any glass size; multiple pieces of film can be joined to create large format displays.

Switchable Smart Projection Film is manufactured with a self adhesive cling layer (peel and stick), which makes the installation process very quick and easy (no special installation equipment required).

This film offers a very minimal look which blends easily into any architectural or contemporary interior, making it the ideal screen choice for both historical buildings (churches, museums, theatres and concert halls) and modern hi-tech environments (hotels, offices, stadiums, shopping malls).

Self-Adhesive Switchable Smart Film

Our standard toughened Switchable Glass tends to be our most popular option worldwide offering a cost-effective solution where the liquid crystal Switchable coating is bonded directly to a toughened glass panel. Switchable Glass, also known as Smart Glass, switches from frosted to clear at the flick of a switch.

This means that the Switchable coating can be simply applied to any type or thickness of glass (including fire-rated), creating a solution with optimum clarity and performance. Another major factor is a reduction in manufacturing lead-time, making it the ideal choice for all time-critical projects.

Our standard toughened switchable glass (single glazed) uses toughened/tempered glass in thicknesses 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm and 15mm. The 5mm and 6mm glass are often used by DGU/IGU manufacturers to build into their own sealed units.

A simple ON-OFF mode switches the glass from being clear (transparent) to frosted (opaque). In its frosted state, the Switchable layer acts as an electronic blind providing privacy and security for any glass, window or partition.

Toughened switchable glass can be manufactured to any size with three standard widths 1000mm (39″), 1200mm (47.3)  and 1500mm (59″). Larger sizes and custom shapes are also available. Multiple panels can be joined together to create large switchable glazed walls or partitions.

Laminated Switchable Smart Glass

The latest generation of Switchable technology, Laminated Switchable Smart Glass, offers greater safety and security in both the workplace and the home. Our unique manufacturing process means that our Laminated Switchable Smart Glass panels provide superior performance and clarity, compared to other switchable glass products in the market.

The seamless nature of laminate glass means that panels can be positioned side by side (glass to glass) without the need for any vertical frames. This makes switchable laminate glass the ideal choice for glass walls and partitions, creating a very minimal and contemporary look.

The switchable inter-layer is protected, being bonded between two sheets of glass, which makes laminate glass a safer product and more durable in certain applications – high traffic areas, bathrooms, hospitals, clean rooms etc. This durable solid state technology replaces the need for old fashioned blinds or curtains offering greater control and comfort within any room.

A simple ON – OFF mode switches the glass from being clear (transparent) to frosted (opaque). Two standard glass thicknesses are available 14mm and 12mm (custom sizes upon request).

Other options include low iron glass, toughened glass, bulletproof glass and light weight scratch resistant polycarbonate panels.